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  1. Can I show off the game on YouTube, Twitch, etc? And monetize from it?
  2. Error code: basil
  3. Error code: cilantro
  4. Error code: mint
  5. Error code: parsley (GPU driver crashes)
  6. Error code: rosemary
  7. Error code: sage (Steam)
  8. Fedora / NixOS Linux stops on launch splash
  9. Help, my game won't start!
  10. How can I find the installed PA and server executables when using Steam?
  11. How can I install PA outside of Steam with papatcher? eg macOS Catalina 10.15+
  12. How do I change my display name in-game?
  13. How do I clean boot Windows?
  14. How do I clear the download cache?
  15. How do I install the legacy build?
  16. How do I set command line parameters?
  17. How do I update my graphics drivers?
  18. How do I verify game files?
  19. How does full screen desktop resolution work?
  20. I use a Windows antivirus or security suite like Avast, Norton, Kaspersky, or ESET and can't log in
  21. Is there mod support?
  22. PA Launcher Unable To Sign In
  23. What are the minimum system requirements for Planetary Annihilation?
  24. What Causes Time Dilation and Impacts Server Sim Performance?
  25. What do I do if PA.exe stops working in the middle of a game?
  26. What system info should I include when reporting issues?
  27. What was the game's release date?
  28. Where are the Planetary Annihilation logs?
  29. Where can I download the game?
  30. Where do I find Planetary Annihilation crash minidumps files?
  31. Where is the Planetary Annihilation Data Directory?
  32. Why am I getting an error that my graphics need OpenGL 3.2?
  33. Why does my in-game Steam purchase fail?
  34. Why is Offline Play Disabled or Unavailable?
  35. Why is the game UI so slow on my gaming laptop or dual GPU system?
  36. Why is the screen cut off in the Menu and Lobby?

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