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How do I install the modern build?
Last Updated 25 days ago

You can opt-in to the modern build via Steam or the PA launcher.

Steam (Windows / macOS / Linux)
  1. Open your Steam library
  2. Right click Planetary Annihilation: TITANS then select Properties
  3. Select the BETAS tab
  4. Select modern - Modern Semi-Stable
  5. Click the CLOSE button and Steam will download any changes
PA Launcher (Windows / macOS)
  1. Open the PA launcher and sign in
  2. Click on your username then select Build Options… from the list
  3. Tick the modern build then click SAVE
  4. Change the stream from stable to modern
  5. Click VERIFY to install or update the modern build
papatcher.go (Linux)
Assumes you have wget and go-lang installed:
go run papatcher.go --stream=modern --update-only

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