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What were the rewards for Steam Early Access?
Last Updated 11 months ago

The items that were displayed on the storefront on Steam at the time of purchase are the rewards for Early Access purchases.

They include:
Instant Access - Gives you access to the game during the beta period -- and after when Planetary Annihilation releases.

Theta Commander: Commanders are front and center in PA, and the Theta commander is a unique shell design only available to those who purchase the game in Early Access or pre-purchase the title at a later date. It is a distinguishing symbol of your support.

Orchestral Soundtrack: The PA Soundtrack is the game’s score by Howard Mostrom and it's recorded by a live orchestra. The key to redeem the soundtrack can be found here:

Desktop Wallpaper: This is the official full release Planetary Annihilation wallpaper and will come in a variety of resolutions for you to choose. Design to be finalized by release.

There is also a digital art book included with your Steam Early Access purchase. The wallpaper and art book are included as a Digital Download.

To access the Digital Download, please log into the game via Steam, then log into My Keys:

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