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Why was I Muted or Banned?
Last Updated 3 years ago

Why is irrelevant when submitting your support ticket requesting an unmute or unban.

When automated systems are tripped, continued escalation extends temporary mutes into temporary bans.

Temporary bans request you contact official support where you are asked to read and confirm that you understand the Community Rules and Guidelines, Terms, Acceptable Use Policy, etc typically resulting in a quick unban if you haven't crossed any red lines.

Moderators volunteer their time for FREE so that everyone gets to play on very expensive servers year after year for FREE. If you disrupt other players or target moderators / devs the most likely consequence is being banned from playing for FREE on those very expensive servers.

If you have crossed red lines then you need to de-escalate and rectify before you submit your support ticket for consideration.

Consider your responses carefully. They are a litmus test.

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